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Green Sandwich Chutney

Green Chutney is a timeless favorite in almost all Indian homes. My house is of no exception. In our last Potluck Party Cyber Style my friend Manjula from Desi Fiesta brought this delicious chutney and today I get the chance to revisit her recipe and take it in today's Potluck Party Cyber Style. Feeling really lucky to get a chance to try this awesome finger licking chutney preparation and the best part of this recipe is it can make any lazy day bright. Do give a try to this green chutney it is not only delicious but healthy too.

Egg Vindaloo

Vindaloo is a very delicious curry recipe from the region of Goa. The name "vindaloo" is derived from the Portuguese dish "carne de vinha d'alhos", which is a dish of meat, usually pork, with wine and garlic. The Portuguese dish was modified by the substitution of vinegar (usually palm vinegar) for the red wine and the addition of red Kashmiri chilies with additional spices to evolve into vindaloo. Alternative terms are vindalho or vindallo. Nowadays, the Anglo-Indian version of a vindaloo is marinated in vinegar, sugar, fresh ginger and spices overnight and then cooked with the addition of further spices. The end result has a "sweet sour" taste which is quite different from that adapted by UK restaurants. I use egg instead of meat to make this egg vindaloo dish and it comes out exceptionally well. Hope you will like it too.

Spicy Grilled Baby Sea Pikes with Mixed Vegetable Egg Fried Rice

Baby sea pikes are very delicious fish it is called kaiyka in Bengali, Neduva and chilavu in Malaylam, ooli and cheela in Tamil, Kanaki in Kannad and Jellow in Telegu, Jaban tal in Marathi. Hope now will have no problem finding the fish.Today I am sharing with you all two very delicious mouth watering recipes back to back and I hope February being the month of love all you will definitely enjoy this combo of spicy grilled baby sea pike with mixed vegetable egg fried rice with your loved ones.

Crispy Potato Heart

Valentine’s day is knowcking at the doorstep and days back I was just lucky to find a heart shaped potatoes in our veggie basket. I am completely surprised to see nature’s beautiful craft. I was thinking what to do so that I can do proper justice to the shape and then suddenly the idea to make a delicious Valentine finger food came up and the result is this crispy potato heart. If you can’t curve heart shape potatoes then go with the regular round shape and enjoy this awesome recipe. Today I am taking crispy potato heart to our event Potluck Party Cyber Style. Hope my friends will enjoy this too.

Pindi Chole

Pindi Chole is a very delicious healthy protein packed awesome dish from the kitchen of Punjab. Pindi chole the name derived from the town called Rawalpindi which is now in Pakistan but once a part of undivided India. It’s a very popular dish cherished with naan or kulcha and simple onion salad. To make it more healthy I added soy minced and if you all want a nonveg version you can use lamb or goat minced. Then it will turn to masala keema chole. Go with this recipe or add on with your creativity but don’t forget to share your experience with me. Love to know and if you make this recipe and like it. You just go to Sutapa’s Indian Cusine FB fan page like it and drop the picture of your make in the message box. I would love to share it with my other friends. So see you there.

Lucknowi Murg Biriyani

The Valentine’s week is on the move and it is always a pleasure to cook something delicious for your loved ones. Today sharing with you all a delicious royal Biriyani from the heart of Lucknow….Lucknowi Murg Biriyani. I have already shared with you Shahi Biriyani recipe but today’s Lucknowi Murg Biriyani is more flavorful but more healthy than regular Biriyani’s as I use mainly vegetable oil and a very less amount of ghee, for those who stay in heart should remain heart healthy. To make it more royal and eye appealing you can garnish with silver or golden varak which I skip. Get ready take a look of the recipe and just bring smile to that special face. Enjoy Lucknowi Murg Biriyani.

Tiler Bora / Sesame seed Fritters

Sesame fritters are popular as Tiler Bora in Bengal. We Bengali’s have it as a starter with rice and dal. But sesame fritters are very delicious snacks can be enjoyed anytime with hot tea and coffee. Sesame seeds add a nutty taste and a delicate, almost invisible, crunch to the dishes. Sesame seeds are an excellent source of copper, a very good source of manganese, and a good source of magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, molybdenum, and selenium. So what you are waiting for try and relish this awesome sesame fritters.

Aloor Dum / Potatoes Cooked in Spicy Gravy

Luchi aloor Dum is a famous Bengali breakfast. Mostly in Sunday’s before the launch of 2 minute delights this was must in almost every houses. Aloor dum is mainly potatoes cooked in spicy gravy though there are many ways of cooking aloor dum, today I am sharing the spicy and delicious one that is most popular in my house. In winter we cook it with small baby potatoes but you can try with regular potatoes too. I am sure you will love this spicy potato curry. Enjoy aloor dum.