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Mutton Hingi/ Mutton Cooked with Asafetida

In Indian cuisine asafetida takes a very important part, it is popularly known as hing. These mutton dishes have a very unique flavor of hing and so it is named as Mutton hingi. Surprisingly once common in Europe during Roman times, hing is relatively unknown to the modern western palette but we Indian love this root sap. Hing is used as digestive aid it is also a powerful antispasmodic useful in cough, asthma. During winter months use of hing in cooking also have many benefits. But Mutton Hingi is a high calorie dish so relish once in a while with family and friends in this festive winter months.

Gulab Kheer (Delicious Rose Flavored Indian Dessert)

This is my special Diwali sweet recipe for all my friends. Kheer is specially a traditional South Asian dish made by boiling rice or broken wheat. But today’s delicacy is bit different from the regular kheer. Today's gulab kheer is a fusion of North Indian gulab jamun and a bit Bengali cuisine. It is quick and easy to make and especially for those who are always on the go and don’t have time to do elaborate cooking. This could be a very delicious royal quick way to please your friends and family during the festive season.