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Onion Paratha With Theekhi Meethi

Today I am sharing with you a very delicious recipe Onion paratha from my friend Shazia Wahid kitchen.I recreate it exactly the way she made it but my shape goes little round but truly speaking it's turns out superb and very delicious.Today I am taking this dish to our Potluck Party Cyber Style where in every 28th we get a chance to recreate one of our friends recipe.I paired it up with theekhi meethi and simple salad and the whole platter turned out awesome. To get the recipe of onion paratha I will take you straight to my friends blog Cutchikitchen where you will get step by step instruction to make this mouthwatering onion paratha. While I will share with you how to prepare theekhi methi right here.If you love hot spicy accompaniment with onion paratha then you can surely go for it.


Imarti is a delicious crispy festive sweet. In Bengali we call it amriti. A surely awesome sweet to be served to add to the colors of holi.
Bright colors, water balloons, lavish sweets and melodious songs are the ingredients of perfect Holi. Wish you a very happy and wonderful Holi.

Phool Kopir Posto Bahar / Cauliflower Cooked with Poppy Seed

In Bengali cauliflower is called phoolkopi and poppy seed is called posto. Various types of dishes are prepared with the combination of poppy seed paste and vegetable and even non vegetarian items. The most common and popular is aloo posto ( potato cooked with poppy seed) but today I tried it with cauliflower. Phool kopir posto bahar don’t need an elaborate cooking but a very royal and exotic dish can be prepared in no time with little effort. Today I am taking this dish to our Potluck Party Cyber Style hope my friends will like it. Give it a try and let me know.

Kacchagolla / Indian Cottage Cheese Sweet

Bengal is well known for it’s different types of yummy soft paneer ( Indian cottage cheese) sweets popularly known as sondesh/ sandesh . I don’t know from where the name Sondesh is derived from but when Bengali’s visited each other house they pack sondesh, I think it carry sweet message of love and friendship so such sweets are called sondesh. In Bangladesh it is known as pranhara ( heart stealer) which I think goes quiet well. You can do your own search to find out. Among many sondesh recipes Kacchagolla is the easiest one. It is named kacchagolla because it need no cooking at all. Kaccha (means raw in Bengali) golla ( means round shape in Bengali). I tried to make it as yummy as possible. Hope when you will make it at home you will get the melt in mouth taste of Bengali sweet.