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Bread Onion Vada

Vade, also known as wada or vade or vadai or bara. Vada is a savoury fritter-type snack from South India. Vadas can vary in shape and size, but are usually either doughnut- or disc-shaped and are between 5 and 8 cm across. They are mainly made from dal, lentil, gram flour or potato. The Vada is a traditional South Indian food known from antiquity. Although they are commonly prepared at home, Vadas are as well a typical street food in the Indian Subcontinent and Sri Lanka. They are usually a high calorie morning food, very popular in street stalls and in railway stations, as well as inside the Indian Railways, they are available as a snack all day. It is known as Vades in South Africa, where a large south Indian population is found. Today I am making that same delicious Vada with a easy twist. I am sure you will like this delicious quick and easy bread onion vada.

Tomato Cheesy Ilish

Ilish or hilsha shad is one of favorite fish of Bengal during the monsoon. Every year the price of ilish hike up but you will not find a single Bengali who will not make a dish of ilish during monsoon . There are lots and lots traditional dishes but today I just make little twist to a very common mustard ilish or sorshe ilish dish using tomato cheese and roasted powder. The cheesy tomato with the mild roasted flavor make this dish truly drool worth. Enjoy Tomato cheesy ilish.

Preparation time :15 minuted Cooking time : 20 minutes Serves: 4 Ingredients: 4 big steak size pieces of ilish ( hilsha shad ) 1 tomato skin and seed less chopped 1tbsp poppy seed paste 1 tbsp mustard paste 1 tsp green chilly paste or to taste ¼ tsp red chilly paste ½ tsp turmeric powder 3 to 4 whole green red chilly 1 cheese cube grated ¼ tsp kalojeera/kalonji /nigella ¼ cup mustard oil salt to taste For roasted powder 1 tsp kalojeera / kalonji/nigella ½ tsp whole jeera/ cumin Roast both and…

Angoori Aloo/ Potato cooked with grapes

Angoori aloo is a delicious a tangy preparation with potato and grapes. You can have it as breakfast with paratha or roti chapatis or just have it as a chat preparation. I am telling you it is awesomely delicious.

KanchKolar Khosha Bata

Kanchkola in Bengali is nothing but raw banana /plantain and khosha means peel. We love to experiment not only with the vegetable but also the peel. Kanchkolar khosha bata means a smooth spicy paste made with plantain peel paste. This is very delicious recipe.Serve hot with steamed rice. In Bengal we have this as a starter dish mainly served during lunch.

Kaju Chicken

Kaju Chicken is a delicious rich gravy preparation with cashew paste. This is a very royal dish with rich flavorful dish. Today I am sharing the easy way of making this delicious kaju chicken recipe. Hope you will love it. Enjoy this nutty rich kaju chicken.

Sabudana Khichdi

Sabudana is mainly used during the time fasting in our part. This is not cooked only mixed with fruits like banana, mango, milk and sugar. Though I like the sweet version but want to try a spicy way too. So came up with this Sabudana khichdi. It’s very delicious healthy you can add on as many vegetables as you like. It can be a very yummy breakfast for anyone. Enjoy Sabudana khichdi.

Indian First Online Fashion Week at is India’s leading online fashion store, announces country's 'First Online Fashion Week' in partnership with Talenthouse India.Talent house India provides platfrom to emerging artist to work with leading artist and brands. Bollywod actress Yami Gautam will be the celebrity mentor of the event , which is scheduled to be held 25th to 30th July of this year.
 In this online fashion week artist from four broad categories will be selected – designers, models, fashion, photographers, makeup artist and hairstylist from across the country. All the participants will be groomed by celebrity mentors including Yami Gautam herself who will be sharing her style and grooming tips.