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Loitta Shutki Pora

Shutki means dried fish very similar to jerky which means dried meat. But the procedure of making it is very different. There are various types of fish which are dried in sands to make this shutkis. This is popularly a favorite dish of people of Bangladesh and some people who during the time of partition came to West Bengal. Among all the shutkis loitta shutki is the most favorite. Loitta shutki is dried from of Bombay duck or bombil or bumla it is cooked in various ways but today I am sharing the easiest way to prepare this loitta shutki. A caution to have this dish- it is too hot preparation so if you want to try this make sure you can bear the heat. Some may be afraid of having dried red chilly but recently I get to know that there are many health benefit of red chilly they boost immunity, clear congestion and all that heat you feel after eating hot chili peppers takes energy--and calories to produce so it take care of your waist lines and help you to lose weight. So enjoy the h…

Kumro Phuler Bora ( Pumpkin flower fritters)

Pumpkin/ squash/ zucchini blossoms fritters or kumro phuler bora is a favorite traditional starter in Bengali cuisine. But today’s Bengali generation is slowly forgetting these delicious superb starters so I am giving the delicious version of kumro phuler bora.

Gujia (stuffed sweet Indian pastry)

Gujia is a specialty of Rajasthani cuisine. It is a sweet dumpling made with semolina and all purpose flour that is suji and maida and they are stuffed with exotic dry fruits and milk solids. Gujia is an favorite sweet served in North India during the festival of holi. With colors of gulal and fun and friends this sweet add special sweetness to this festival of color. Today I am sharing this holy special sweets gujia. I am sure you all will love it.