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Kaccha Tomato Diye Maancher Jhol ( Fish curry with green tomato)

Bengali cuisine is a culinary style originating in Bengal, a region in the eastern South Asia which is now divided between the Indian state of West Bengal and the independent country ofBangladesh. Other regions, such as Tripura, and Barak Valley region of Assam also have large native Bengali populations and share this cuisine. Fish is the vital part of Bengali cuisine. Today I am sharing one such delicious fish preparation with you and in this preparation I am using fresh green tomatoes.

Sorshe Chingri

Sorshe chingri (Mustard prawn) is a yummy traditional Bengali cuisine from India. I used Indian scampi or small lobster polpularly known as golda chingri in Bengal. Though traditional mustard prawn or sorshe chingri has very thick gravy, but nowadays due to all health hazards I tried a light but very delicious version of sorshe chingri. I hope you all will like it.