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Gajar Ka Halwa/Yummy Indian Dessert with Carrots

Gajar ka halwa is a delicious yummy Indian dessert. As the festive season is on in Indian homes different types of sweets are made. Gajar ka halwa is one such dessert which is loved in almost every part of India.Today I am sharing a delicious, exotic, colorful version of gajar ka halwa which will brighten up this festive season and make your dear ones happy.

Creamy Bhetki/Cheesy Creamy preparation with Barramundi Perch

Bhetki fish is a very popular and loved fish in Bengal. Bhetki fish or barramundi or barramundi perch is scientifically known as Lates calcarifer. This fish is meaty with less bone and not only in Bengali cuisine but it also gained reputation as one of the Australia’s finest eating fish. Today’s recipe is not a traditional Bengali recipe but it is a fusion cooking with a continental touch. I am sure you will love this awesome experiment.

Rui Macher Kalia/Spicy red thick curry with rohu fish

In a Bengali house rohu fish is the most common item, as we all know Bengali menu is not complete without a delicious fish dish. Rohu fish is called the king of fish and it does justice to any preparation. Every Bengali house have their own way of cooking it so you will find may be hundreds of varieties of dishes cooked with rohu fish or rui mach like jhol, doi mannch, kalia , korma, jhal are few from the many. This fish is also easily available in the fish markets of Bengal and the price is within the reach of almost every one. Rui macher kalia is a rich, spicy, colorful delicious gravy preparation. Today we are exploring this traditional spicy dish from Bengali kitchen.

Sahi Buili Dal/ Royal Split Black Gram Stew

Dal (also spelled Dahl or Daal) is a preparation of pulses which have been stripped of their outer hulls and split. It also refers to the thick stew prepared from these pulses, an important part of Indian, Nepali, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, West Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine. In Bengal it is regularly eaten with rice. Dal is a ready source of proteinsfor a balanced diet. It is mostly very simple but for the festive occasion of Durga puja we are giving some royal touch to this simple dal. I am sure you will love this flavorful rich creamy sahi buili dal.

Gandharaj Lebu Diye Ilish Paturi/ Lemony Hilsa Shad

Ilish fish is one of the most popular fish in Bengal. Ilish is also known as lllishi in Sindhi, pallu macchi in Telegu and hilsa shad in English, an oily fish rich in essential fatty acids omega 3. I think a rich elegant Bengali festive meal is never complete until you serve at least one grand dish of ilish. Gandharaj lebu diye Ilish paturi is one of my Durga puja special recipes to make your festive experience more delicious. This recipe is very close to traditional recipe but with the twist of gandharaj lebu (lime) flavor. The inspiration came from a fellow blogger and a wonderful foodie Mr.Ushnish Ghosh while we are discussing about a cooking hilsa with lemon juice in FB. I use gandharaj lebu a type of lemon which has a very intoxicating flavor and give a subtle refreshing feel to this dish but if you can’t get it go with lime or lemon whatever is available. I am sure you will love this flavorful creamy rich dish of ilish.

Bhapa Paneer/ Steamed Indian Cottage Cheese

Bhapa paneer is a very delicious and yummy easy to cook Indian cottage cheese recipe. In this festive time of Durga puja I just added few things to give a grand taste, I am sure you can easily win hearts with this delicious bhapa paneer. Give it a try and let me know how you and your friends like it.

Aier Maancher Jhal/ Spicy Sperata Aor

Aier or Aor is a giant eyed river catfish very delicious meaty oily fish. If you search the fish wiki you will get a Bengali name Artamim though in the local markets of Bengal I never heard this name, it is popular as arr or aier or aor the scientific name of this fish is Sperata aor . Today I am sharing a traditional spicy and a very common fish recipe from the kitchen of Bengal. As the festive season is knocking the door, the countdown for Durga Puja has started so I am sharing a very simple yet delicious fish recipe with you. For those who are living outside India for them you can search for this fish in a nearby fish stores from Bangladesh.