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Pepper Paneer With Vegetable Fried rice

Today I am sharing with you all a very simple pure veg platter. Easy and quick to make an elegant platter during the festive time . This platter include pepper paneer, vegetable fried rice, potato croquettes with a lovely twist and to spice up all sweet chilly vinegar. I am sure you will enjoy this with your family and friends.

Chocolate Oats Ladoo

I wish you all a very Happy Ganesh Chaturthi and I pray to God for your prosperous life. May All Your Dreams Comes True. Ganesh ji as you all know love ladoo’s. Today I am sharing with you a very delicious yummy easy ladoo which you can make within minutes. I am sure Ganeshji and all your dear ones will relish this yummy chocolate oats ladoo.

Sorshe Ilish / Hilsha Cooked In Mustard Gravy

Sorshe ilish is one delectable signature dish of ilish fish during monsoon. It’s not a dish of regular cooking but bit royal as it is cooked in only oil without using a single drop of water. This is not for those whose heart sinks at the look of the floating oil but for those who are adventures and can deal with high end pungent mouth ticking taste . If you really want to taste the royal queen fish from Bengal cuisine in a traditional royal way then do try this sorshe ilish. I am sure you all will remember this high note taste of sorshe ilish for years to come. This is specially a lunch item served as main course with hot steamed rice. Enjoy another terrific bold dish from Bengal cuisine sorshe ilish.

Sweet Poori

Poori is an unleavened deep-fried Indian bread, commonly consumed on theIndian subcontinent. It is eaten for breakfast or as asnack or light meal.Today’s Sweet poori is a sweet flaky crispy sweet version of our known poori. I am sharing with you one most easy way of making this sweet poori. I am sure you all will love it. This year I made sweet pooris for Krishna Jamashtami. I am sure little Kanhaji liked them a lot.