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Happy Holi With Rose Thandai

India tomorrow will be celebrating the festival of color-HOLI. This is one of my favorite festival, because irrespective of race, religion, cast and creed every body today is playing and painting each other with colors. WE may not be always aware that colors play a very important role in our life .We are drawn to colors- needed to bring balance in our lives, which is the main goal of every healing. The use of color as a therapy is a truly holistic and powerful for thousands of years.
In our world color dominates our live from reading sign in the roads to seeing a fruit whether ripe or not or the vegetables are in good condition or not color play a vital role.
 It affects our mood blue is calming while red can make us tense. We are living in a colorful world but some time we forget to appreciate this gift of life. But today in India and all over the world where there are good number of Indians (like US,UK, South Africa, Trinidad and many more) along with the citizens, will celebrate…

Dalma ( Vegetables cooked in a delicious thick lentil curry)

Dalma is one of the famous signature dish of Orissa. I think no Odiya meal is complete without serving dalma. Dalma is a very healthy, nutritious, light and delicious. Dalma is also served as prasad in many temples across Orissa. There are many versions of dalmas available in Orissa. Different vegetable combination and different lentil (daal) combination is used. Spices combination though remains almost same but some use onion and garlic to make dalma. In previous days dalmas were cooked in earthen pot and the taste of it was heavenly no doubt but today we are cooking this dish in a traditional way without using any onion and garlic and in a regular vessel but assuring you that we will not compromise with its deliciousness.