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Mixed Vegetable Butter Pulao

Pulao is a South Asian rice dish especially famous in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Iran. Pulao is also known as pilaf, pilau or plov. The rice is cooked in a seasoned broth. This is a very colorful, full of flavor and a delicious one pot meal. This mixed vegetable butter pulao has a little twist, hope you all will like it. Mixed vegetable butter pulao is a rich festive dish. From today on I will share few of my family favorites for the coming Durga puja the great autumnal festival of my state Bengal and Bengalis all over the world.

Aloo Matar / Spicy Potato Peas

Aloo matar is a delicious Punjabi dish which is made from potatoes and peas in a spicy tomato base gravy using other flavorful Indian seasoning. Aloo matar is a very delicious vegetarian dish. The best thing of this dish is you can have it any time, in your breakfast , lunch or dinner. So relish this beautiful dish.

Bhuna Gosht (Braised Meat)

Bhuna Gosht is a delicious Indian meat dish. Gosht meaning meat and bhuna is a style of cooking which is very similar to braising. The meat is fried and then cooked slowly in a spicy stew till the meat is well cooked and soft and almost dry. Cooking this dish take a good lot time so weekend is the best time to indulge in cooking this luxurious delicacy bhuna gosht.