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Fresh HOPES, Fresh PLANS, Fresh EFFORTS, Fresh FEELINGS, Fresh COMMITMENT. Welcome 2015 with a fresh ATTITUDE And SOME FRESH NEW RECIPES. Happy New Year 2015 to all my friends world over.

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Kachki Maancher Paturi / Ganges river sprat in Leaf Wrap

Kanchki maancher paturi is a hot and delicious leaf wrap recipe. This fishes are tiny in size(max 3 cm) without any scale meaty and with very delicate bones. It is also known - Cutwaal-alise / Godhae in Oriya , Nattholi/ Nethallu/ Nethelli in Southern part of India, Ganga river-sprat or Ganges river sprat or Hamilton's corica in English ,Gangesbrisling in Danish (dansk) , Korika indická in Czech (česky), Guramaanch or taki maanch in Bangladesh . Scientific  name Corcia soborna. It has similarity with white bait and silver anchovies. This recipe taste best when you keep the heat on high note but keep it that level you can handle . This is a delicious hot recipe to be relished with hot steamed rice during lunch. I am giving you step by step procedure with pics of this recipe . I am sure you will love it.

Egg and Potato Dry Curry

Egg and Potato dry curry is a very delicious yummy preparation which even kids can enjoy. Many times kids want to have hot spicy curries but unable to handle the heat and end up with teary eyes. This one can be the best for them as it’s look hot and spicy though it’s more sweet and tangy. Grown up also can enjoy this curry and add on heat munching those curry fried green chilies. This is a simple curry with a twist . This is easy quick fix and yummy side dish for all. Give it a try and let me know how you like it.

Sarson Aloo da Saag /Spicy Mustard greens With Potato

Sarson da saag is a popular vegetable dish in the Punjab region of India and Pakistan made from mustard leaves (sarson) and spices. However, it is also popular in other neighboring states of Haryana and Rajasthan. I did not follow the regular way of cooking this saag , I add little twist adding potato to it and lots of chilies and tomato to adjust slight bitter taste of mustard greens. It is also not smooth as the regular sarson da saag you are mostly acquainted with but a bit coarse. But with all this twist I assure you all you will not be disappointed by the make. It comes out wonderful and is very delectable in winter time. You can adjust the heat according to your choice but I am sure once you try this you will definitely going to love this awesome spicy winter delicacy.

Chocolate Halwa

Chocolate Halwa is a very yummy winter treat. As winter sets in so is also the time that a year comes to an end. To end the year on sweet note is a lovely experience. With lots of cakes and bakes I think this chocolate halwa will take your heart away as it is loaded with all yummy ingredients and of course favorite of all chocolate. Though it is loaded with calories but little such sweet sin now and then do no harm if you maintain a healthy lifestyle year through and do your physical exercise properly. I am sure you will love this chocolate halwa. It’s not pale smooth but nuts and sesame add special crunch to this chocolate halwa. Enjoy.

Mulor Saag/ Fried Gaint Radish Greens

Mulo in Bengali is also known as mooli in hindi, is a familiar loved vegetable in India. Mooli's greens are also very tasty and it is prepared in various ways. In Bengali cuisine it is prepared with very simple spices so that the taste of the greens remain intact and when mung dal is added with it, it not only become more delicious but healthy too. In Bengal saag is mainly served as a starter in a whole spread lunch. I hope you all will like this delicious Bengali style mulor saag/ fried gaint radish greens.

Phesha maanch / fesha maanch er jhaal

Phesha maanch / fesha maanch er jhaal...( a hot spicy dry fish preparation from Bengal)..Phesha/ fesha maanch are soft local fish from Bengal....this fish has lots of bones but taste sweet when fried little crisp. To get the recipe you have to visit my FB page here.Many such delicious clicks and exclusive recipes are on my FB Page Sutapa's Indian Cuisine don't miss to like and visit.Thanks to all you.

Happy Cooking!