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Candied Bananas

Today I am taking a very delicious recipe to our most favorite Potluck Party Cyber Style and that is candied banana. This is from my friend Nandooskitchen . Thanks for sharing a very tempting yummy quick dessert recipe which I think not only kids but grown ups too will enjoy. The one change that I make to her recipe is that I didn't use food color instead I use pome pearls to make it attractive. Hope you will like this variation of candied banana too.

Cabbage and Capsicum Kachumber- Tribute to the 1st Indian Master Chef Trala Dalal

Tarla Dalal's contribution to Indian cuisine is immense - an entrepreneur, celebrity cookbook author, TV Show host, restaurant consultant, food magazine editor, range of food products & much more More importantly she will also be remembered for bringing a social revolution by empowering women through cooking. We lost this great soul on 6th November 2013 .We friends for our Potluck Party Cyber Style thought to give a tribute to the 1 st Indian Master Chef Tarala Dalalji. Here is a delicious recipe from her galore of her creation….Cabbage and Capsicum Kachumber. I cook this recipe in my kitchen today as a tribute to this great culinary genius.It’s delicious light and healthy salad like dish. I think you all will love it.

Lou Patta Bata /Bottle Gourd Leaves Paste

Today in our Potluck Party Cyber Style I am taking a very simple yet a unique recipe from Bengal. I hope friends will like this traditional age old favorite recipe from Bengal kitchen. We in Bengalis love to use every bit of the vegetable and try to make it as delicious as possible. Lou patta bata is made with fine paste of bottle gourd leaves. Join me in the delicious journey hope you all will like it.

Boal Bahar

Boal is the native fish known as wallago and scientifically named as wallago attu. This fish are found in large lakes and rivers of India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia. Today we make a fancy recipe with this oily fish. Not too time consuming easy and quick to make recipe. I am sure you all will love this yummy creamy wallago dish from my part of the world called boal bahar.