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Instant Carrot Cashew Idli

Idli is a traditional breakfast in South Indian households. Idli is a savory cake that is popular throughout India and neighboring countries like Sri Lanka. The cakes are usually two to three inches in diameter and are made by steaming a batter consisting of fermented black lentils (de-husked) and rice. The fermentation process breaks down the starches so that they are more readily metabolized by the body. Since plain idlis are mild in taste so just added a little twist and it comes out soft and delicious. It is easy fast to make, healthy and an awesome recipe to try. I am sure you all will love this instant carrot cashew Idli.

Cornflakes Coconut Ladoo’s -Kellogg's Waale Guptaji ka Nashta

Breakfast is one of the most important meal of the day as after 6 to 8 hours of sleep body need some healthy filling breakfast to refill the body with the needed energy. In our busy schedule it’s hard to choose healthy breakfast regularly that will be low in fat , cholesterol and rich in vitamins and minerals. Cornflakes nowadays play a vital role to go for a guilt free breakfast which will reload us with liveliness. Cornflakes as we all know are a popular breakfast cereal originally manufactured by Kellogg's through the treatment of maize. It’s such a beautiful gift, we can prepare delicious breakfast with. It’s easy to prepare, provides enough energy and above all it’s crispy and crunchy and you get it almost everywhere.
Do you meet Guptaji and his family? Not yet… you should… I think one of the most wonderful family who loves to share smile and happiness. Mr. Gupta a perfect gentle man, their fun loving kids Ritu and Rohan and Mrs Shalu Gupta a wonderful homemaker and a …

Cauliflower Curry

This cauliflower curry is a rich creamy and yummy delicious recipe. It’s not an authentic South Indian vegetable curry . It’s again my fusion collection where I presented eastern spices with South Indian tempering. It comes out delicious. Do try and let me know you liked this cauliflower curry or not.

Pan Shot / Betel Leaves Shot

Paan Shot is a very delicious yummy refreshing drink after a heavy meal. A refreshing drink using betel leaves. Paan (Hindi: पान from Sanskrit parṇa, "leaf") is a preparation combining betel leaf with areca nut. Paan is mainly chewed but today sharing a drink recipe with betel leaves. The delicately flavored paan from Bengal is known as deshi mahoba. Maghai and Jagannath are the main paans of Benaras whereas paan prepared from small and fragile leaves from South India is known as chigrlayele. For this recipe you can use Kalkatta pan or Benerasi paan like Maghai. The leaves are soft and sweet ideal to make the recipe. As it is festive time and colors are all around so thought to present paan shot as Holi special . With this mouth freshening colorful delicious paan shot wishing you all a VeryHappyHoli .