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Curd Rice/ Mosaranna ( Yummy South Indian style rice mixed with yogurt and spices)

In India curd means a liquidy, sour, unsweetened yogurt. Curd rice or yogurt rice is a specialty dish popular in the southern states of India like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. In Tamil Nadu it is one of the foods which is offered to God in many Shiva and Sri Vaishnavite Temples which is later distributed as a “prasadam”(blessed food) to the devotees. This prasad (blessed food) is called by different name like dadhiannam or dadyodanam. It is mostly prepared simply mixing boiled rice and yogurt but to make it more delicious you can add different spices and dry fruits and fruits. This is the one of the best way to use your leftover rice. In South India it is always in the main menu of lunch and dinner and it is standard to eat curd rice after lunch and dinner which also helps to digest the spicy main dish. In hot summer days it acts as a body cooler. No South Indian meal is complete without curd rice. South Indian restaurant serve curd rice in different names dadhojanam(…

Strawberry Kalakand/Strawberry Milk Fudge

Kalakand is a very popular sweet in almost all parts of India. It is also known qulaqand or kalakanu made out of solidified sweetened milk. It’s one of India’s most loved celebration sweet. I just twisted it a little bit and hope you will too love the  new look.