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Noodles Dosa

All who read my blogs know I love fusion cooking. So today I try to make Noodles Dosa. This is a fusion of South Indian and Chinese. I think kids will love it and you can add vegetables of your choice and make it healthy too. It is also a popular street food now a days. Create it in your home and enjoy this Indo Chinese fusion Noodles Dosa.

Prawn Pulao With Fish Runjhun

We will be celebrating Bengali New Year tomorrow. So wishing all my Bengali friends world over Suvho Naboborsho. May New Year bring the blessings of peace, prosperity,health, happiness and abundance in all arena of your life. Sharing with you all a delicious recipe from my FB friend Nandini Ghosh. She is ever graceful and her recipes are also beautiful as she is. As she too don’t have any food blog to link with so visit her kitchen through my blog. I am sure you will love this delicious prawn pulao. Thank’s Nandini. Paired with it my creation fish runjhun a lyrical fish dish that goes well with it and as it is a Naboborsho spread so here comes raw mango chutney, home made misti doi ( sweet yogurt topped with chocolate ) and Bengal’s all time favorite sweet sondesh and rosogolla. I am sure you all will enjoy this simple yet colorful festive spread.

Chicken Curry

Today I bring for all you a very delicious summer comfy chicken curry with aromatic Indian spice add. The curry is too light and simple to make . I am sure you all will love it. Chicken curry don’t need any long intro and you cook it any creative ways it comes out delicious. I am sure you all will agree that there is not too much miss with chicken curry. Today presenting one delicious chicken curry from my kitchen.

Lau -er Dum / Lauki Ka Dum

Summer is the time when we all look for comfy and less spicy food. Sometimes searching through Google is too tedious that’s when friends come to help. Delicious time tested recipe from their kitchen travel to ours and make our day wonderfully awesome. Today I am sharing with you my dear FB friend Sudeshna Bhattacharya’s recipes Lau -er dum/ Lauki ka dum. I wish she had a food blog and could share the link with you all but she is only available in niche FB food groups so for the time being you all have to peep in to her kitchen through my blog. I am sure you all will love this summer comfy bottle gourd recipe Lau -er dum. Thank you Sudeshna for this wonderful recipe.