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Ajwain Paratha/Fried Indian Flat bread with Carom Seeds

A very delicious recipe today I am taking to our Potluck Party.The original recipe is from my dear fried Jagruti so you can catch up the original recipe in her site Jagruti's Cooking Odyssey. It was successfully created in her kitchen and then I try my level best to create it in mine. It is absolutely delicious the flavor of carom seed add extra zing to this recipe. I must admit her one is picture perfect while mine will be in coming days when I will be keep trying to be as best as her. Yes it need a little practice for person like me who is not very good at making bread and parathas. But once you get it right then it is simply awesome. I serve with it potato curry. I made the curry in ghee with whole cumin and hing ( tadka) adding lots of tomato with boiled potato and at last adding little garam masala. The curry goes very well with the ajwain paratha. I didn't do any experiment with I just make the way my friend shared.Thanks a lot my dear Jagruti for sharing a precious gem…

Ilish Macher Begun Jhol/ Hilsha/ Shad Curry With Eggplant

Ilish is the queen fish of Bengal. In monsoon a single ilish dish is must on the dine table. Now a days the prices of this fish is going sky high don’t know how long can we cherish this wonderful delicacy. Today I try a very basic traditional Ilish recipe. But as you all know I love to play with spices so this too come with a twist. The twist may seem lilttle scary to the Bong as they love to add mustard oil at the end but keep alittle faith and use the one I asked for I am sure you will love my version of Ilish Macher Begun Jhol.

Khichdi Pulao

Khichdi Pulao is a fusion of two dish kichdi and pulao. The outcome of this fusion is no doubt very delicious and I am sure you all will like it. It’s simple comfy food and mainly during the rainy season Kichdi Pulao with spicy aloo or crunchy onion pakora is one of the most delectable dish you will love to relish. Today taking Kichdi Pulao to our Potluck Party Cyber Style. I hope this dish will rock the party.