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Tomato Onion Uttapam

Uttapam or ooththappam or Uthappa is a dosa-like dish made by cooking ingredients in a batter. Unlike a dosa, which is crisp and crepe-like, uttapam is a thick pancake, with toppings. Uttapam can be called as the Indian version of pizza. Today for all you here is the recipe of instant tomato onion uttapam. It’s very delicious , I love a little crunch in my dish so added coconut flakes and peanut you can do without them with your color add with grated carrots and chopped green bell pepper. Try my way or with your add on you will love this tomato onion uttapam.

Parshe Macher Jhal

Parshe macher or mullet fish is a very popular fish in Bengali kitchen. It is cooked in various ways. Parshe macher jhal is a popular recipe. It is cooked in various ways in Bengal. Today I am presenting an exotic way of making this fish. It will give a royal taste. I am sure you will love this creamy, tangy, zingy recipe parshe macher jhal with hot steamed rice.

Chanar Payesh

Indian cottage cheese is called chana in Bengali and it is widely used to make yummy melt in mouth Bengali sweets. Today I am sharing with you a very delicious to make quick Bengali dessert recipe. Payesh in Bengali is type of Kheer .The term Kheer (used in North India) may derive from Sanskrit words Ksheeram (which means milk). Other terms like Payasa or Payasam (used in South India) or payesh (used in Bengal region) are derived from the Sanskrit word Payasa or Payasam which also means "milk". I am sure you will love to substitute your regular payesh with this delicious chanar payesh. Enjoy a sweet treat.

Malabar Mutton Biriyani /Thalassery Biryani

Thalassery biriyani is a rice-based dish blended with spices and chicken. As it is the only biriyani recipe in Kerala cuisine, it can also be called Kerala biriyani. Thalassery biriyani is cooked with Khaima/Jeerakasala rice—a short-grain, thin rice which is also called biriyani rice in Kerala. As I don’t get that type of rice in my part so used basmati rice. I am waiting to get my pack but if you get don’t miss to use that rice. Biryani is an exotic dish of Mughal origin, but this variant is an indigenous recipe of Malabar. It is a symbol of the cultural amalgamation of Mughal and Malabari cuisines. The Mughals brought the cuisine of biryani from Samarkand, and later variations of biriyani developed in different parts of India. Thalassery biriyani may have come to the region because of the influence of the Muslim rulers of Mysore and Arkot. Thalassery biriyani is a cultural embodiment and is reminiscent of foreign influences in Malabar; it is a reminder of the Mughal-Arab cultural…

Aloo Ka Smoky Bharta and Special Coconut Chutney

My friend who are following my blog know that I love to make twist and turns with taste and so in today’s simple dinner platter I am presenting two delicious dishes one completely with the flavor of North and the other from South. You can make them individually and enjoy them or you can try my Chennai Express dinner platter…lol… where you can tickle your taste bud with both the flavors . I am sure you will love aloo ka smoky bharta and special coconut chutney they both are too yummy.

Chingri Bhapa / Steamed Prawn

Chingri in Bengali means Prawn. Bhapa means steamed. Not only prawns but paneer can be steamed and vegetable can be steamed in such way even in Bengal chicken and various other fishes are steamed and one very favorite dish of all Bengalis. You can try it out with other oils but if you want to get the traditional taste of Bengal then do use mustard oil as the pungency of mustard oil gives a special kick to your taste bud . Try and I am sure you all will love it. Enjoy Chingri Bhapa.