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Sorshe Pabda/ Ompak Pabo Cooked in Mustard Sauce

Sorshe Pabda is one the most favorite fish recipes among the Bengali people. This are mainly medium size river fish which are very delicate but it taste is very smooth. Pabda can be prepared with combination of various spices but one cooked with mustard paste is really hard to resist. I am sure if you like hot spicy cuisine then this can be your favorite too.

Dudh Puli

Winter harvest festival in Bengal is known as Poush Parban. Poush parban means lots of sweet dishes which are called pithe and nutun gurer payesh. There are many tiyes of pithe like beni pithe, arisha pithe, chirer pithe, tiler pithe, mug pakan pithe, paper khir puli are few from the many. Pithe’s are made on the day of pous sankranti or makar sankranti and are offered to God, this is a way of showing gratitude to Almighty for all the crops and foods. Dudh puli is one such delicious yummy traditional pithe, this was almost common in every house decade ago but now in modern times hurry and worry such traditional time taking sweets are on the way to extinct. In my home Maa ( Mother) still loves to make such time consuming traditional sweets for her Radha Mohan and we enjoy  such awesome prasad and her smiling happy face. Credit of this recipe goes to my Maa, which I am sure you all will love.

Onion Chicken /Chicken cooked in fried spicy onion

Onion chicken is a very delicious quick to make chicken dish. If you are preparing a quick dinner in busy weekdays or want to relish a quick dish in the weekend then this onion chicken can make your menu really awesome. This dish is healthy too as we are mainly using onion which is packed with health benefits. Onion contains vitamic C and chromium. Chromium is a mineral that helps cells to respond to insulin and help to control blood glucose. Onion also contains phytochemicals called flavnoids which help to help Vitamin C in its function this integrity of blood vessels and decreasing inflammation. On the other hand chicken is also very healthy as it is a good source of protein and Vitamin B6 which is the good for energy and cardio vascular health. Today we are taking both this healthy ingredients to make an awesome onion chicken.