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Ilish Borishali

Ilish is the national fish of Bangladesh a tropical fish and mostly loved among the peoples of Bengal and Orissa. Extremely delicious but it has full of tiny bones which require trained eating habits to handle. Ilish is mainly a sea fish but they come to large river to lay eggs and they are caught before they swim back to river. In Bangladesh ilish is mainly caught in the Megna, Godavari but fish from the Padma is considered the tastiest one. In India the Rupnarayan which is mostly known as Kolaghat ilish, Ganges, Mahanadi is among the tasty breeds. You will found more than thousand dishes of ilish both in Bangladesh and India, among the many today I am sharing one dish from Bangladesh district of Borishal. I have no idea that whether it is an authentic traditional dish of the state or not as because it is a recipe from my aunt and she got it from one of her in-laws. Whether it is an authentic recipe of the state or not but it is awesomely delicious, very easy to cook and I am taking…