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Bagda Chingrir Kalia ( Spicy Curry with Tiger prawn)

Prawns are low in calories and are full of omega-3 fatty acids and good source of different mineral and vitamins. But when it comes to prawn who remembers its health factors we just want to relish. I think till date there are millions of recipes of prawn that tried, tested and loved. Today I am sharing one delicious recipe from Bengali cuisine. Mostly for this recipe we are using tiger prawn or Bagda chingri which is very soft and delicate and have a very sweet taste. In Bengali kitchen prawns are mainly paired with coconut but today we are cooking it without using any coconut. Kalia is a thick gravy or curry preparation which is a favorite among Bengalis. Kalia is cooked with various big fishes like rui, katla and bhetki) but today I trying it with prawns and I am sure you will love Bagda chingrir kalia.