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Ilish Macher Jhol / Hilsha/ Shad Curry

Ilish or Hilsa is one most adored fish of Bengal. We mainly get this fish during monsoon. It is that part of the time when it’s almost a celebration time in Bengali kitchen. Ilish is cooked in various ways in Bnegal but mostly in every Bengali home the first monsoon ilish is cooked in a the most traditional way and that is a simple delicious curry known as ilish macher jhol. The price of ilish is hiking up each year and this year per kg good quality ilish cost at about Rs 800 to Rs 1000 in city markets. Bong’s without a ilish dish in the monsoon is a pure mismatch. So whatever the price may be or where the price may reach a true Bong will manage when it comes to ilish. Today sharing with you all a simple delicious hilsa curry / ilish macher jhol . Cook Bong way you will love it.