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Simple Kolkata’s Egg Chowmein

Egg chowmein is nothing but stir fried noodles. If you are in Kolkata you will find every other lane have one or two roll and chowmein counter. Chowmein became Kolkata’s anytime meal .Huge coverage from age group 4 to 80 everyone loves to relish this stir fried mixed with veggies, scrambled egg and sometimes chicken cubes spicy saucy chowmein. In our house also my Mom since kid days till now cook noodles loaded with veggies and scrambled eggs. This was Mom’s trick so that we get all the goodness of veggies in a palatable way. But a day back from a FB food group a friend shared this simple chowmein recipe .Big thanks to him for sharing. In my college days a friend used to bring such simple yet delicious chowmein which her Mom pack for her and we while sharing each other meal boxes get to taste this awesome goodness. It was years back lost touch with that friend but taste remain fresh in memory. A single glance in FB and I can’t stop myself cooking as it refreshed the mem…

Cabbage Pakora

Cabbage pakora is a very delicious fried snacks. In this recipe I use Uttapam base instead of regular besan / chickpea flour based batter. It taste awesome . I am sure you all will love to have such crispy crunchy delicious quick to make cabbage pakora with a cup of hot tea or coffee in a cold winter evenings. Enjoy with family and friends delicious cabbage pakora.