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Colorful Bread Chat

Wishing all friends and follower of Sutapa's Indian Cuisine a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2016. Today sharing with you all a very easy yet colorful bread chat with you all. May all your days in the coming New Year be this colorful and yummy. I used only almond you can use mixed nuts for this recipe will taste equally good. What are you waiting for enjoy yummy creamy colorful bread chat.

Palong Diye Sheem Beechi / Spinach With Fresh Hyacinth Beans

Palong diye sheem beechi is a delicious spinach green made with fresh hyacinth deskinned hyacinth beans. It is not only delicious but also healthy. Fresh sheem beechi / hyacinth beans we get this mainly during winter so this delicacy is a winter favorite. A very simple recipe. Easy and quick to cook yet a wonderful side to pep your lunch in a chilled winter afternoon. I am sure you and your entire family member will love palong diye sheem beenchi / spinach with fresh hyacinth beans.

Spicy Mixed Veggies

Spicy Mixed Viggies is an on request recipe from my friend. I made this dish few days back and she just dropped in. So I share this breakfast dish with her and she liked it very much..want the recipe but in a hurry... She moved to Hyderabad a day after joining a new post in a renowned IT company. A few days after she called me that ..hey give me the recipe of your spicy mixed veggie. …I looked for that in your blog and it’s not there. I say it’s too simple to put. She said simple ones are needed most…..Ok I will post. Your voice sound your are having great time there how do you manage grocery shopping and then cooking after long hours of office work. She told me that you know I unzip a Don’t joke tell na how you manage … you know in my house I have to keep an extra help to do all grocery shopping and chopping and cutting vegetables. It’s hard and time consuming job. Then she open the suspense telling she found a very good online grocery store which s…