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Peas Pulao

Cricket World Cup 2015 is on and I being an avid cricket lover look for some easy but delicious recipes which when platted is appetizing and can be paired with both non- veg and veg dishes, so that I can spend more time on my couch watching the match. Peas Pulao is a very interesting easy recipe. A zip zap zoom recipe fast to cook with fresh green peas the only ingredients and goes well with both veg and non veg side dishes. I am sure you too will love to try easy recipe for dinner or lunch when your are busy cheering your team.
 Friends like to share with you all that you being a cricket fan can express your support, on social media, for your favorite teams and also help under-served children with your 'Ticket to Cheer'.The Akshaya Patra Foundation is a non-profit venture that offers mid-day meals to 1.4 million children daily in 10,000 schools across India. The lunch provided to under-served children gives them much-needed nutrition, and a reason to stay in school.In t…

Dhone Patar Bora / Cilantro Leaves Fritters

Cilantro or coriander leaves are called dhone pata in Bengali. Today I am sharing with you all a very delicious fritters with cilantro. World Cup Cricket 2015 is going on in full swing .In previous days when pizza are not in the craze and we don’t have any Domi or Hut to call for, we just shout MAA ( Mother) and ready she was always with all delicious fried stuff which are not calorie loaded but all goodness of veggies cooked with love. This include palong bora ( spinach fritters) , aloor chop ( potato fritters) , payanji ( onion fritters) and this awesome dhone patar bora. Few of my cousins visited our house from far distance not to watch the match but just to savor this delicacies. Gone are all those good days now all are scattered in different parts busy with their own life. In remembrance of all those wonderful days thought to revisit that delicious memory lanes and share this unique cilantro fritters with you all. Munch and cheer for team India or your home team. E…

Keema Matar

Keema Matar is a very delicious yummy North Indian dish. Minced mutton combined with fresh green peas when cooked with aromatic spices and creamy nutty adds make this dish an awesome delight. Though it is calorie loaded but once in a while in a family or friendly get together if cooked then you will remain in all your foodie friends good book for long. So don’t wait to enjoy Keema matar.

Vegetable Keema Rice

Happy Valentine’s Day to all. Here sharing with you all a simple but delicious platter . Very easy to cook so that you can enjoy your special day day with ease, happiness and good food. Enjoy Vegetable Keema rice with Goan Mutton.

Goan Mutton Curry

Goan Mutton Curry Goan Mutton curry is a very favorite dish of Goa. I really like this hot spicy, flavorful delicious mutton preparation from the beautiful beach destination . I tried to cook it in my way. It comes out delicious. Hope you too will like this yummy Goan mutton curry.

Green Peas White Curry

Green peas white curry is a very delicious side dish. It is not an authentic South Indian dish but I mixed and match the flavors and made this recipe. I am sure you will love this. It’s healthy and yummy and loaded with goodness. It tried with hard toast bread and and fruit slice as my breakfast. But I am sure as a side dish if paired with dosa and appam it will be fantastic. Do let me know how you like it.