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Showing posts from October, 2014

Rui Pudina / Fish Cooked In Mint Sauce

Rui or rohu fish is a very delicious Indian salmon variety. Cooked in various ways in almost all parts of India. It is popular in Thailand, Bangladesh, northern India and Pakistan. It is a non-oily/white fish. Today I tried a little different way of cooking this fish. Mixed simple flavors of mint and garlic with very little fried whole spice flavors. I am sure you all will love this yummy tasty flavorful Rui Pudina.

Masala Aloo/ Spicy potato

Potato as we all know is loved by all. But sometime to get different but delicious potato recipe is not an easy task. Few days back I was watching Master Chef Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor food show where he shared this delicious recipe. The recipe itself is irresistible. So I recreated it in my kitchen and it turned out awesome. Sharing with you all Master’s recipe with my touch. Hope you all will love this flavorful crunchy spice packed potato recipe. This Diwali with fireworks enjoy this spicy crackling potatoes yummy Masala aloo.