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Ghugni/ Yellow Peas Snacks

Ghugni is a delicious eastern Indian evening snacks or you can say one of the most loved street food. Very popular in Bengal, Bihar, Assam and Orissa. It is made with yellow peas or white peas. It is a thick to dry gravy type of dish. Today I am sharing Bengali style ghugni recipe with you all which I am sure you all will love.

Punjabi Samosa/ Fried Indian Pastry With A Savory Filling

Samosa is one of the most loved snack in India. Samosa is a fried or baked pastry with a savory filling, such as spiced potatoes, onions, peas, lentils, ground lamb, ground chicken. In Delhi, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand and other Northern States of India, a bigger version of the samosa with spicy filling of 'masala potatoes' peas are found. Where as in Hyderabad, India, a smaller version of the samosa with a thicker pastry crust and mince-meat filling referred to as lukhmi is consumed, as is another variation with onion fillings.In South India, samosas are slightly different, in that they are folded in a different way more like Portuguese chamu├žas, with a different style pastry. The filling also differs, typically featuring mashed potatoes with spices, fried onions, peas, carrots, cabbage, curry leaves, green chillies, etc.. It is mostly eaten without chutney. But we in Bengali call it singharas and the stuffing is quiet simple with mashed poatoes gi…

Mochar Ghonto/Banana blossom spicy dry curry

Mochar ghonto is delicious Bengali dish. Banana blossoms or plantain flower or banana heart is called mocha in Bengali. It grows at the end of the stem holding the bunch of bananas. It is deep cherry red in color and a valuable source of potassium, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. The flower of banana plant is used in South Asian cuisine and in India it is mostly loved among Bengalis and people from South India. It is cooked in soups and curries and sometimes delicious fritters are also made from this. Today we are sharing a very popular recipe from traditional Bengali kitchen.

Paneer Posto/ Indian Cottage Cheese cooked In Poppy Paste Curry

Paneer posto is a delicious creamy dish. Posto in Bengali means paste of poppy seeds which is cooked with veggies , fish and even chicken or just taken raw with mustard oil and hot steamed rice. Today I used that concept of Bengali posto but to it add some ingredients to give it a royal touch. The dish looks very rich but it is not that heavy and not loaded with too much of calories but a simple fast to cook easy delicious dish. The best part of it is poppy seed paste is good to give you a happy sleep so if you have it for dinner a good sleep is ensured. So be happy cook and have fun . I am sure you all will love it. This is special too as I am taking this dish for all my friends in Potluck Party Cyber Style.You too can come and join us there.

Loitta Shutki/ Hot Dried Bombay Duck Curry Cooked With Vegetables

In Bengali shutki means dried fish. There are various type of shutki (dired fish) available like chingri shutki( dried prawn), bhetki shutki (dried bhetki), ilish shutki( dried hilsa dipped in oil and salt) and shidol shutki ( this are small fish dipped in oil) but the most popular among all the shutkis are the loitta shutki ( dried bombay duck or bombil or bumla). Today we are making a delicious dish with this loitta shutki. The shutki fish have a very pungent smell and the preparation is too hot so for those who can bear the heat can try this fish. For the first timer this dish is bit challenging but if you love to experiment bizarre foods then go for it and once you accept the smell and the heat then this is a real treat.