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Pabda Mancher Paturi

Pabda manch / ompok pabo are very soft fish taste is very mild and sweet. It was cooked in various ways. Paturi is a kind of cooking where raw marinated fish is cooked on banana leaves wrap. This is the first time I tried to experiment pabda /ompok pabo fish in banana leaves. I am telling you it comes out so delicious. If you love hot spicy food this banana leaves flavored pabda mancher paturi is just awesome.

Pomegranate Raita

Pomegranate raita is very delicious and colorful raita with the crunch of fresh pomegranate kernels.We in Bengal have doi chira as a comfy breakfast during summer months it is nothing but washed beaten rice mixed with yogurt sugar and pinch of salt.Today I try to make a fusion of this basic recipe it comes out delicious.I am sure you all will like this simple side dish pomegranate raita with bread , roti or parathas.

Peas Bahar

Peas bahar is a very delicious sweet and spicy rich vegetarian preparation.It’s a very delicious dish can be prepared in minutes.

Palak Gosht

Palak ghost is a very delicious North Indian recipe though you will find it varieties in Hyderabadi cuisine too. It’s very soft delicious mutton recipe. I am presenting a quiet unique style palak gosht recipe with a lunch platter consist of tomato dal and fulori ( batter coated deep fried cauliflower). A simple suggestion for quick delicious meal planning. Palak gosht goes very well with simple white rice can also have it with naan paratha or roti. I ‘m sure you will all love this yummy delicious palak gosht recipe.