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Cholar Dal Temple Road Style

Cholar dal is a delicious Bengali dish served hot with luchi (fried bread) or peas kochuri or simple masala kochuri or dal puri. It’s bit sweet to taste. A delicious breakfast in then morning. Mostly every good sweet shope serve this delicacy in the morning . I remember that when we visit to kali temple either Kalighat that the famous among 51 shaktipeeth in the heart of our city Kolkata or little far from the city to Dakshineswar Kali mata temple which is famous for Ramakrishna Dev and Swami Vivekananda, after darshan and  puja on our way back home we use to have this delicious cholar dal either with luchi or peas kochori. There was a sweet shop in Dakshineswar which was my father's favorite destination for this cholar dal and kachori. We haven’t visited the shop for long after my father’s sudden demise but the taste till haunt me so try to recreate it at home. I am glad to say I am quiet successful to bring near exact taste of that cholar dal. They use very little s…

Ilisher Dim Bhaja / Fried hilsha fish roe

Ilish as you all know is the most loved fish among the Bengalis. It’s roe is another delicious iteam. It need little cooking but taste awesome. Fried hilsha roe is the most common and loved recipe. I add onion and potatoes to it which make this dish more vibrant. Fried hilsha fish roe is served as a starter in a regular Bengali lunch. I am sure you all will love this way of cooking.

Spicy Arbi

Arbi or colocasia root is very tasty and easy to cook. This roots are such that with little spice add a delicious platter is ready in minutes. Today sharing with you all a very yummy hot and tangy spicy arbi. I am sure it will tickle your taste buds and sure you will love it. Enjoy spicy arbi.

Muro Ghonto / Fish Head Curry

In Bengali fish head is called either macher matha or “muro”. Delicious dishes are made with fish head . Muro ghonto is mainly fish head spicy curry relished with hot steamed rice. A easy simple recipe with baby potatoes is an eye catcher in any your menu spread. In this recipe you can use any big fish head but as now is the ilish season going on so I used ilish head. You can use regular potatoes instead of baby potatoes but baby potatoes give an extra elegance to this dish So what are you waiting for enjoy delicious Muro gonto.

Sree Krishna Janmashtami Special – Chococlate Toffee Wrap

Today is very precious day …some one special was born Born to fight against inhumanity Born to save the trust in God... Happy Krishna Janamashtami. With all our Bengali traditional sweets that we made on Janmashatami like taler bora and malpuas, this year I tried to make a little different fusion sweet chocolate toffee wrap. It’s very easy to make and I am telling you it’s awesomely delicious not too sweet but full of surprises. I am sure with kids the grown ups will love this yummy chocolate wrap too.

 In Krishna Janmashtami, I find a spiritual aspect of this sweets. The sweet and tangy mango fruit leather is like naughty sweet Krishna leela, inside is soft and sweet white cheese ball like our sweet Radhaji who is the embodiment of unconditional love. When you understand  Krishna leela's and fill your heart with unconditional love for all you will be surprised suddenly you will reach the supreme bliss of Lord Krishna who will down pour unending happiness forever.This is just a …

Pan Grilled Pomfret Fish With Egg and Cashew Fried Rice

Pomfret originated from the Portugese word 'pampo'. A seawater fish with one single bone. Found in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans. Pomfrets have flat bodies and deeply forked tails. There are three types: silver, grey and black pomfrets. They are typically prepared whole after the inner organs of the fish have been removed. They are cooked fresh and are either fried or steamed. They do not have a strong odor and aftertaste that most of the saltwater fish have. Atlantic pomfret, also known as angel fish is the most popular among all types. It is a popular menu item in China and many Asian countries. Also, grey pomfret, silver pomfret and white pomfret are also widely consumed. It is very low in calories and fat. It is rich in protein which is why it helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and also helps to muscles. It contains high amounts of omega 3 fatty acids . Today sharing with you all a very delicious pan grilled pomfret recipe paired with egg and …

Ilish Jeera Paturi

Ilish / hilsha shad in monsoon is one of the biggest temptation for Bengalis world over, which they can hardly resist. Ilish is cooked in various way. When cooked in banan leaf or gourd leaf it’s called paturi as in Bengali leaf is called pata. Ilish when cooked in banana leaf takes the sweet flavor of the leaf and it enhance the taste of the recipe hundred times. I am sure you will love this a bit different type of spice mix paturi called Ilish Jeera paturi.

Jain Style Potato Curry

Potato curry itself has it’s own attraction but during some festival time we can’t add onion and garlic in our curry and have to make it in pure vegetarian way. So I started to find out how to create awesome delicious curry without using onion and garlic. Jain style seems the best as they are pure vegetarian and don’t use onion and garlic in their food. I searched a lot and go through many recipe before making this dish. Inspired from all those dishes I try to create a new delicious potato curry without using onion and garlic and it turned out too good and now in my family fav list. I am sure you all will love Jain style potato curry too.