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Kanda Bhaji / Crispy onion fritters

Most Indian love fried fritters over a cup of hot tea and this is a popular comforting Indian snacks. In every big and small city in India you will find road vendors are making and selling different types of hot fritters usually known as pakoda or pakodi. Pakoda makes tea time with friends and family members more special mainly during rainy and cold season. Onion fritters are common and a much loved dish in almost every parts of India. In Andhra Pradesh it is known by the name of ulli pakodi, in Bengal it is popular as piyazi where as if you come to the business capital of India that is in Mumbai people relish by the name of Kanda bhaji. You can have kanda bhaji any time in day may it be lunch, dinner or as a mid day snacks. In Mumbai there are few roadside thela where you can get mouthwatering kandha bhaji with this you need few close friends a hot topic to chat and a cup of hot tea and you make your day. Today we are sharing the Maharastrian style of onion fritters for those who c…