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Paneer Rangoli

Winter is a season for colorful vegetables. It’s always a pleasure to see many colors in our platter. It’s like a color therapy. When we add paneer to all this colors it became awesomely delicious and divine. Paneer rangoli is the name given by me as in this dish you will get fusion of colors and taste . I am sure you will love the royal taste. So what are you waiting for enjoy this elegant royal rich dish paneer rangoli.

Fish Lemony

Fish lemony is a very refreshing soup type fish preparation cooked in Bengali style. I have used rohu fish for this recipe you can use any white meaty fish. I am sure you will love this simple lemony flavored fish recipe.

Sweet Sour Nutty Egg

If you are planning for outing this weekend and want some easy fix which will be palatable both for kids and loved by the grown ups too, then give sweet sour nutty eggs a shot. I am sure you all will love the saucy yummy sweet sour nutty egg.

Royal Bengali Style Onion Dal

In Bengali cuisine dal is cooked very simply and spice use is very less. The regular dal is bit bland in nature but it is accompanied by fried food which helps to adjust the taste balance. Today I am sharing with you a special a bit royal style dal which is not too spicy but not as bland as the regular one .It is loaded with the aroma of clarified butter fried onion with the sweet flavor of fennel and cumin. I am sure you all will love it.