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Spicy Mixed Veggies

Spicy Mixed Viggies is an on request recipe from my friend. I made this dish few days back and she just dropped in. So I share this breakfast dish with her and she liked it very much..want the recipe but in a hurry... She moved to Hyderabad a day after joining a new post in a renowned IT company. A few days after she called me that ..hey give me the recipe of your spicy mixed veggie. …I looked for that in your blog and it’s not there. I say it’s too simple to put. She said simple ones are needed most…..Ok I will post. Your voice sound your are having great time there how do you manage grocery shopping and then cooking after long hours of office work. She told me that you know I unzip a Don’t joke tell na how you manage … you know in my house I have to keep an extra help to do all grocery shopping and chopping and cutting vegetables. It’s hard and time consuming job. Then she open the suspense telling she found a very good online grocery store which supply fresh vegetables, fruits , pulses, dairy product and even organic grocery and various other daily need product at door step in a very reasonable price with cash back facility too. The best part of as she told me that she can order chopped vegetable and fruits packed fresh and same day delivery . Truly a genie at doorstep. I can’t stop to check back so that I can avail the super facility but no not in my city they are presently active in Hyderabad and Vizag. For spicy mixed veggies recipe the lucky one living in Hyderbad and Vizag take the super facility of online grocery store and buy fresh and chopped grocery online while other take out your chopping board and start chopping the veggies but I can assure you all an easy fast cooking delicious recipe in minutes. I am sure you all like my friend will like these spicy mixed veggies.

Preparation time :  10 minutes
Cooking time :  10 minutes
Serves : 4 

Ingredients  :  
1 cup carrot juliennes 
2 cup  green bell pepper  small cubed 
1 cup cauliflower small florets 
1 cup  potato small cubed 
1 cup baby turnip  small cubed 
2 green chilly chopped 
1 tbsp thick tomato puree 
1 tsp  dry mango powder 
2 tbsp  gun powder / idli karam  or to taste
1 whole dry red chilly broken into pieces 
1 tsp  mustard seed 
10 to  12 curry leaves
1 pinch  hing/ asafetida  
1 tbsp grated  coconut
handful of peanuts 
1 ½ tbsp oil 
½   tsp ghee
Salt to taste 

Methods of Cooking :
 In a 2 ltr pressure heat 2 tbsp of oil. Add mustard seed, dry red chilly broken. As the mustard seed start to splutter then add curry leaves, hing, peanuts and grated coconut. Fry them for a second. Then add all the vegetables ( you can use any vegetable but not the one where the water content is much like ash gourd or pumpkin )with green chilly ( you can also use sliced onion and chopped garlic if you want to), tomato puree and salt. In high heat cook for just one whistle. Put off the flame and release the pressure. Now immediately transfer it into a bowl. In that bowl add gun powder and ghee. Mix well. Your spicy delicious mixed vegetable is ready to serve. Have it with hard toast bread or as the masala stuffing for your dosa or pair it with have neer dosa. You can fry the vegetable using the normal process but that need more oil and time taken is bit long. In this recipe I used flash cooking technique which I learnt from a wonderful FB food group United By Food and the admin of UBF Mr. Ram Krishnan Sir who is making genuine effort to propagate this technique so that cooking is less time consuming and fun too. I am very grateful to him for teaching this technique in the group and allowing us to spread among our readers so that all can take the advantage of this healthy fast cooking method . This method can be done in a jiffy and jiffest for my friend living in Hyderabad with her super genie online grocery store Enjoy winter and all it’s festive warmth and relish spicy mixed veggies.

Happy Cooking!


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