Gujia (stuffed sweet Indian pastry)

Gujia is a specialty of Rajasthani cuisine. It is a sweet dumpling made with semolina and all purpose flour that is suji and maida and they are stuffed with exotic dry fruits and milk solids. Gujia is an favorite sweet served in North India during the festival of holi. With colors of gulal and fun and friends this sweet add special sweetness to this festival of color. Today I am sharing this holy special sweets gujia. I am sure you all will love it.

Preparation time 20 minutes
Cooking time 20 minutes
Serves 6 to 8

For the cover 
Maida (all purpose flour) 500gm
Salt  a pinch
Oil or ghee (melted) 6 to 7 tbsp
For the  stuffing
Crumbled khoya  500 gm
Almond   25 g chopped
Kishmis (raisin)  25g chopped
Coconut milk powder    25 grm
Cashew  25gm chopped
Pistachio  5 gm chopped
Cardamom  ½  tsp freshly ground
Sugar (powder)  to taste
Salt  a very small pinch
For Frying
Ghee or oil for  frying 

Methods of Cooking

Mix oil or ghee and pinch of salt with the flour, then add water. Knead it to make a soft but tough dough. Now cover it with a damp cloth and keep aside.
Now heat a pan and add crumbled khoya, choppped dry fruits, a very small pinch of salt, coconut powder and sugar mix well. Cook until the sugar melt and mix well with the mixture. Add cardamom powder mix well and put off the flame. Your stuffing is ready. Allow it to cool.
Now take the dough and divide it into equal small balls then roll each ball into small round about 4 inch diameter. Now fill half the round with khoya mixture and moisten the edges of the side with your fingers fold and seal the round twisting the edges inward. You can also use guyjia mould that are available in Indian stores. Make sure that your filling is not too much otherwise it can ooze out. When all the gujias are made then heat ghee or oil (whatever you are using) and fry this gujias in batches in a medium flame till they are golden brown. Place them on a kitchen paper and strain the excess oil. Garnish the gujias with grated pista and fried cashew. Gujias or pedakiya is a delicious fried Indian pastry I am sure you all will enjoy.

                       Wish you all a very Happy Holi!

Sending this to my friend Chandrani's event "Colourful Holi"

Happy Cooking


  1. Looks so yummy. Making me drool...

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  3. Ah...this is really tempting!! Recipe is new to me so definitely gonna try this out :)

  4. very delicious and tempting gujhiya..nice clicks..

  5. What a beautiful treat...I bet these are delicious :)


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