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Kumro Phuler Bora ( Pumpkin flower fritters)

Pumpkin/ squash/ zucchini blossoms fritters or kumro phuler bora is a favorite traditional starter in Bengali cuisine. But today’s Bengali generation is slowly forgetting these delicious superb starters so I am giving the delicious version of kumro phuler bora.

Pumpkin/ squash blossoms  6
For the batter
Gram flour   ½ cup
Rice flour     3 tbsp
Suji /semolina  1 tbsp 
Turmeric powder  2 pinch
Salt   to taste
For stuffing
Boiled potato   1 mashed
Roasted masala  ½ tsp 
( take cumin, whole garam masala, dry red chilly dry roast and make a fine powder)
Green chilly 1 chopped
Mustard oil  2 tsp
Salt  to taste
Oil to fry

Methods of Cooking

First take a bowl and mix all the stuffing ingredients well with the mashed potato. Keep aside.
Wash the flower with care better soak them in a pot of water then dry gently as this flower are too soft. Now cut the bases of the flower remove the stamens, stigma, style and ovary. Now you will see a hollow pocket is made, stuff this with masala potato stuffing. Close the petals inwards. Now take another bowl mix all the batter ingredients and make a thick batter. Dip the stuffed flower in such a way so that it is well coated. Heat oil. Deep fry in a medium heat till crispy and golden brown. Now drain excess oil.Relish kumoro phuler bora with hot steamed rice or serve as snacks.
Have a close look of the pumpkin flower.

Sending this to Srav's Culinary Concepts

Sending this to my friend event Any One Can Cook

Happy Cooking


  1. very yummy and interesting amazing recipe ... never heard of this....

  2. Nice crispy fritters. Looks delish...

  3. during childhood, mum grew a kumro plant(or tree?? dunno wat it is) and used to make kumro phool bhaja , i dint like it thn, but after i got married, have been wanting to make this for hubby...sadly no more kumro plants with mum and i can find kumro phool in sabzi mandis..

    thanks for the recipe, bookmarked this one...if i do happen to find kumro phools, i will try this for sure and let you know how they turned out!!

  4. very new dish for me... looks good... first time here and do drop at my place when you get time...


  5. very beautiful ,delicious and new searching for pumpkin flower to try this dish.. hope to get it soon :)

  6. yummy recipe n very new 1 also.looks wonderful....

  7. delicious recipes.
    Do visit my new blog.

  8. Sutapa this look absolutely nice!!

  9. Amar baba ar khub priyo kahabr eta :-)

  10. I know pumpkin flower is used in cooking, but never knew,it can be used for pakoras. Simply amazing, thank you for linking with Any One Can Cook. I would really appreciate if you could please give a link about the event in your post :)

  11. drooling here dear...Im seriously missing these after coming back from india :-(

  12. I have so many memories associated with squash blossoms, with my Naani and her vegetable garden. We would collect these and make fritters and enjoy with our afternoon tea.

    Never stuffed them though.. Thank you! for the recipe.

  13. Oh, yummy! That is something I'd love to try! I wonder if we can buy pumpkin flowers here...



  14. Quiet new to me !! looks delicious !! Thanks for linking to the event !!

    Ongoing event CC:Vegan Diet - Plant Based Food

  15. I make these too and we love them - Nice to be back here Sutapa :) hope you are well dear! Look forward to getting back on commenting mode And hope to see you on my blog too :) hugs, priya


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