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Loitta Shutki Pora

Shutki means dried fish very similar to jerky which means dried meat. But the procedure of making it is very different. There are various types of fish which are dried in sands to make this shutkis. This is popularly a favorite dish of people of Bangladesh and some people who during the time of partition came to West Bengal. Among all the shutkis loitta shutki is the most favorite. Loitta shutki is dried from of Bombay duck or bombil or bumla it is cooked in various ways but today I am sharing the easiest way to prepare this loitta shutki. A caution to have this dish- it is too hot preparation so if you want to try this make sure you can bear the heat. Some may be afraid of having dried red chilly but recently I get to know that there are many health benefit of red chilly they boost immunity, clear congestion and all that heat you feel after eating hot chili peppers takes energy--and calories to produce so it take care of your waist lines and help you to lose weight. So enjoy the heat and the fun of having this recipe.

Preparation time 10 minutes
Cooking time 15 minutes
Serves 4

Loitta shutki ( head and tail off)  4 long
Onion 1 big chopped
Dried red chili paste 1 heaping tbsp
Salt to taste

Methods of Cooking
Charred this loitta shutki in open flame as you do to make baigan bharta you will see the charred shutki in the ingredients pics. The sands that are in the body of the fish and the smell will just go away while you charred them on open flame so don’t worry about it. If your fish turn too black then rub a little to get rid of the burnt part. Now with a knife cut this long shutki fish into bite size pieces and then add sliced onion, red chili paste and salt.This recipe need a little bit more salt than regular recipes to balance the heat. Mix well and keep aside for 10 minutes. Then serve it with hot steamed rice. Enjoy hot salty crunchy loitta shutki pora.

Happy Cooking


  1. Looks really very one 2 me.

  2. Oh, how scrumptious! I love fish jerky.



  3. This looks absolutely scrumptious, and delicious. Love chicken why not fish jerky, made a little different!


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