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Taler Bora / Sugar Palm Fried Fritters

Murli Manohar,
Braj K Dharohar,
Nandalal Gopala Hai.
Bansi Ki Dhun Par Sab Dukh Harnewala,
Murli Manohar Aane Wale Hai.

Taler Bora is a delicious sweet delicacy of Bengal served to Lord Krishna in the auspicious occasion of Krishna Janmashtami that is Lord Krishna’s Birthday. Borassus flabellifer, the Asian Palmyra palm, Toddy palm, Sugar palm, or Cambodian palm is known as tal in Bengali where as in Tamil it is called Nungu, Taati Munjalu in Telegu, Tale Hannu or Taati ningu in Kannada, Panna nangu in Malayalam and Manjul in Urdu, Tadgola in Marathi. Taler Bora is made from the yellowish viscous fluidic substance obtained from the ripe palm fruit. We Bong think that our little Gopal ji love this fritters so it is a must make in his birthday. I hope you too will love it. Once you make it successfully you can't stop, you will get addicted to this fritters. So what are you all waiting for give it a try...relish and enjoy the happiness of our beloved Lord Krishna’s Birthday.
Preparation time  2 hours
Cooking time   30 minutes 
Serves   4

1 ripe tal/ sugar palm
2 cups sugar or taste
1 cup suji / semolina
1 cup maida/ flour  or as needed
1 cup grated coconut
Sunflower  Oil for frying 

Methods of Cooking
Open the palm, you can see three big fibrous seed inside. Take each seed and then sprinkle little water and then rub it with hands. Take a grater or steel chalni and press and rub the seed to extract the juice. Collect the juice and then take muslin cloth pour the juice tie and it and hang it for half an hour. You will see drop by drop a liquid is dripping from the sap it is the bitter juice when extracted help in later cooking. Once gone take it in a bowl add semolina, maida, sugar ( add sugar according to your taste , this palm will remain little bitter so make it up with sugar add ) and coconut and make a thick paste. Now heat oil and then place a spoonful of this batter to make medium size pakora or fritters. Fry till golden brown. Drain on tissue paper the excess oil and then serve. They are awesomelicious. To make it more beautiful and to give birthday celebration look I sprinkle little castor sugar and decorated it with sliced cherry.

Happy Cooking!


  1. wow this recipe sounds so so interesting and fritters looks super delicious dear :)


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